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Our Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) pricing model enables sports betting advertisers
to pay exclusively for new customers, not just ad impressions and clicks.
Why pay a fixed fee when you can pay for performance?

Driving Superior Monetization

With SpreadsTraffic, advertisers are able to allocate their marketing budgets to specific, real-time, measurable results and target their ads to real sports enthusiasts via email, display, social, blogs, digital video, and more.

Highly Targeted Traffic

We have distribution partners in 80 countries throughout the world, targeting only sports traffic. We do not run any other vertical. Spreads digital advertising channels include display banners, search, social media, push/native traffic, digital video, and email marketing.
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Only Pay For Results

Our CPA pricing model enables advertisers to pay only for actual leads or sales received on campaigns rather than pay for impressions or monthly retainer fees. Advertisers are able to allocate their marketing budgets to specific, real-time, measurable results.

Dedicated Account Managers

Hundreds of affiliates apply to join our network every week but only a handful get approved. Our experienced Affiliate Managers vet affiliates, preventing fraud and verifying traffic sources around the clock. Your brand’s integrity is protected and in good hands.

Brand Safety

We ensure that the traffic being sent to your campaigns is comprised of real sports enthusiasts who are interested in your product or service.

Your account manager will monitor your traffic to ensure you receive quality leads and sales to your offers.